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LSD HyperGlyph Pendant - Grateful Dead Rare LSD Blotter Art


This pendant Maps the LSD Molecule and features an ultra-rare LSD Blotter Art edition made on black paper with silver inks. Taking psychedelic fashion to new dimensions, blend this pendant seamlessly into your psychedelic fashion. This piece is envisioned as Entheogenic Temple Art. Through intentional geometry, LSD Blotter Art and molecular chemistry this necklace pendant discretely ties you back to your deep psychedelic roots.

Authentic LSD Blotter Art within a geometric stainless steel matrix cast in 3D printed wax. The geometric matrix of the pendant is a graphical representation of the atomic make-up of LSD. See the pictures for a map.

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In the pendant you’ll find the following shapes and  their correlation to the atoms in the LSD molecule is as follows;

LSD is  C20H25N3O 

20 – Squares = 20 Carbon Atoms

25- Spheres =25 Hydrogen Atoms

3 – Rectangles = 3 Nitrogen Atoms

1 – Hexagon = 1 Oxygen atoms

Representing over 6 months of work this pendant was first 3D modeled in a software program called Autodesk Maya. The final design was then 3D printed with wax and cast in stainless steel. 

Pendant size is about 3.5in tall and 2in wide. Will accommodate chain/cord approx. 5mm. 

Free Stainless Steel necklace shipped with this item